Mattress Woes

I come from a land of firm mattresses. It can be hard to find a “firm” mattress here in the US. I have bought and tossed out several types of mattresses in the past few years. It has caused so many sleepless, uncomfortable nights. It has also caused back sprains, pains, and whatnot!

I switched from being a back sleeper to a side sleeper hoping the position meant softer beds wouldn’t hurt as much. It’s especially dreadful when traveling as most hotel beds are beyond awful. It’s not just me. I have several friends and colleagues who hate their mattresses and spend a fortune looking for the best mattresses out there. It might just be different body types. Who knows!

Once upon a time, I bought a mattress that would hardly qualify as a mattress. It was literally plywood top with thin padding on top. Side sleeping on this was nearly impossible unless you had shoulders of steel.

Then came the standard mattresses from bed stores. They didn’t last very long.

Next came one of those mattresses in a box. It seemed to hold up fairly well until day 101. That’s 1 day after the free return. No surprise there!

I finally got a mattress with coconut coir and latex padding on top. It worked well for a while. But a heavy pregnant person can wear it down very fast.

This brings me to my latest purchase – a mattress with just coconut coir. Check it out at I have been doing online searches for these every month or so for the past few years. This is exactly the kind of mattress they make back home. Here’s hoping this one lasts a while.

Wish me luck!

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