10 Pushups a day keeps the blues away

I often look at people doing strong workouts and with correct form and am filled with admiration for them. I tell myself all it takes is practice. That’s great advice if you follow it.

Coming off of half a year of wrist injuries, I decided to jump into practicing what I admire. My goal is simple – get 10 pushups done each day outside of workouts. I also want to be able to work towards good pullups, but that will take a little more planning. I am in this challenge with a friend whose goal is to do 25 pushups a day. We are hoping to encourage each other and make sure there is accountability. Day 9, and going strong. I think I should have a sign modeled along the lines of factory signs — “0 days since a missed pushup”.

There are days that end before you know it. It could be because of a variety of reasons – sickness, work, others’ sickness, errands. But here’s the deal. No matter how busy your day is, getting 10 pushups done in a day is always possible. Accomplishing a goal, some goal, some goal accomplished that’s not too time-intensive is doable by all. It’s different for different people. I feel it is especially nice to have a simple goal on a busy/frustrating day. Even if everything else goes down badly, you’ll know you have checked one thing off your list!

What’s your simple goal?


2 thoughts on “10 Pushups a day keeps the blues away”

  1. Mike and I should be doing something similar so we are ready for a 5 day canoe trip this Spring. We can do a set of push presses twice a day between now and then so the oars feel lighter on the river.

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