Rationing energy

I had a spectacular January with my workouts. February saw a sudden slump. I don’t really understand why and don’t have any leads. I tried taking a break, a full stretching routine, eating higher macros, even a massage. I’m done trying to figure this out for now. 514BC994-446C-42AE-8500-604F975D2AA8.JPG

Check out the screenshots from my heart rate monitor. On the left is the number of workouts I put down, and the one on the right is the calories burned. I’d subtract one move from February as it was a very easy heated yoga class and I hardly burned anything there. So it’s 6 moves and 3715 Cals. In January, it was 22 moves, and 14740 Cals. At the current rate for February, it will be 13621 Calories in total. I care about calories as I need to lose several pounds of fat.

Here’s my great plan. I’ll stop worrying about how much I’m burning, and instead focus on working out more days. Let’s see how this goes! I’ll return in March to report on this.

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