The value of partnerships

It can be hard to stay consistent with a program with life getting in the way. I love being in control of every single detail and maintaining my exercise and diet regimen. But things happen. There’s sicknesses, work pressures, housework, cranky kid, low sleep, injuries just to name a few.

Here’s what helps me the most. A strong partnership. Yes, my husband is a great partner in staying on track. I enjoy all the planning for meals, grocery shopping, and even workouts. But every now and then, I need some cheering and some assistance. A good partner goes a long way in keeping the commitment to good health. I am grateful and thankful to have such a strong partner who is ready to help me stay committed most of the time.

A new partner I have this time is the one I communicate my 10 pushups a day with. It helps very much to have your own little group, even if it’s a group of 2. Everyday texts to remind each other to get a tiny thing done is just perfect.

Find your partner/partners. It doesn’t even have to be 1 person. It can be different people and different goals. There’s great power in partnerships!

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