What’s my excuse?

I’ve had many days when I have not wanted to workout, or unwilling to stick to the meal plan/nutritional guidelines I set for myself. The difficulty for me has always been in accepting the why.

Its easier to say I’m sick, the baby’s sick, I’m busy, work is crazy, I have to work on a personal project, so on and so forth. Don’t get me wrong, these are probably valid reasons. But there are many times these are not. At least for me. If I’m sick (not burning up with fever), most days, I can still workout even if not at 100%. If I hurt my wrist, I can work on my legs. If my legs are hurt, I can work on my upper body. If everything is sore, I can still walk. I have to walk to get around anyway. A little extra won’t hurt.

If I miss it with an excuse that I know is not exactly true, I might enjoy that for a while. But I know it will be an awful guilt day soon. I find that it’s much better if I can accept the reason I’m missing a planned workout, I am more accountable and I don’t get off track as much. It’s a hard one to do because it’s not always easy to accept.

Ditto with food choices. I can indulge in foods when I feel like it. (I don’t like excluding food groups and follow a flexible diet) But the minute I start telling myself there’s a convenient reason for it, I’m in trouble. I’d rather log everything I eat and drink honestly to know how well I’m doing later instead of hiding behind all sorts of excuses.

So yes, I miss workouts sometimes, and indulge and go off track. But I can take pride in the fact that I can own my reasons.

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