Theragun G3 Pro

I suffer from a tight IT band, tightness around the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. All of this is because of the squats, lunges and other leg movements during every workout. And it doesn’t help to have a desk job. All of this is especially awful as it hits my lower back, a LOT!

Yes, I foam roll when I can. But it can be time-consuming and can hurt my wrist to get into an awkward position to get a good stretch. If there were no other options, I’d go with just foam rolling, inconsistently given the time it takes.

Enter Theragun G3 Pro. What a beauty! As many describe it quite well, it’s a jackhammer for your muscles. My gym put a couple out at a recovery station. It provides a good punch of around 60lbs. They have 6 different attachments to address small, large muscles and pointed ones to hit those smaller areas. It packs in a punch. All you do is “float” the Theragun across a body part where your muscles could use a little kneading. If you have tight spots, you’ll feel the difference right away. I found a couple of tight spots I didn’t even know existed. They don’t recommend using it for long periods (30 secs to 2 mins for the most parts that I tried). I have used it a few times, and I have to say it makes a difference in my recovery. This cannot replace stretching. But it gives you a little extra flexibility and may help if you have recurring issues and get you to push more during workouts.

The cost is pretty steep at 600 USD. But here’s the deal – a sports massage will cost 150 USD with a tip included. So if you get enough massages done, this might be something to consider. Try it out if you have access to one. It may be the right choice for you.

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